The impacts of the mining process are practically within the mining workings, even though they are currently exploited only at a level of approx. 20 m below the original area. The emission of air pollutants and noise is limited by the walls of excavations, as well as landfills and special earth screens, surrounding the excavation from all sides. Both the instantaneous and the average annual concentrations of pollutants in the atmospheric air are many times lower than the permissible standards. The zone with potentially harmful acoustic impact, taking into account the cumulative noise emission from the mine and the planned milling plant, does not exceed the limits of the entrepreneur’s ownership.

Limestone extraction does not cause any changes in the quantity and quality of water in the intakes for the villages of Sobków and Wierzbica. The part of the deposit above the groundwater reservoir in the Jurassic formations has been intended for exploitation, while maintaining the so-called 2 m thick protective ledge above the water-bearing level mirror.

In the course of making available, exploiting and processing the raw material, earth masses, consisting of soil, clays and sands, are created. They form an overburden and barren overgrowths within it. The layer of soil is selectively collected and stored in a temporary landfill – it will be used to rehabilitate the excavation and other landfills where clays and sand are deposited. Part of the material is used to build earth screens.