Both the mine and the mill are located outside the protected areas. The Chęciny-Kielce Landscape Park is located more than 4 km away. Also the landscape reserve „Wzgórza Sobkowskie”, the ecological site „Rocks with xerothermic grasslands” and the Natura 2000 area (established in 2009-2011 „Ostoja Sobkowsko-Korytnicka”) are located outside the area of the mine’s operation.

Due to spatial relations and conservation objectives, with a limited range of impacts, the Mine does not adversely affect any of the legally protected areas mentioned.

According to the environmental impact assessment, thanks to the pro-ecological solutions used, no increase in any negative impacts is expected as a result of starting the Mill. It should also be emphasized that the land development method was designed in accordance with the relief of the surrounding hills, so that the original landscape values of the area were preserved.

After completion of the mining works, the excavation will be left with an area of 35 ha and a wall height of 25-60 m. Its rehabilitation will consist of profiling the walls, covering with an organic layer and tree planting. The landfills will be planted with trees and handed over to the State Forests. The possibility of developing the area in the recreational direction also seems to be of particular interest.